We offer baking services to our customers and supporters who are willing to participating on Tezos network security, thus helping to sign and endorse blocks. If you don't have enough XTZ to create your own baker or even lack the technical knowledge to configure a Tezos node, you can delegate to us and earn rewards in XTZ tokens.

By delegating to Tezos.Rio you help to foster the projects we develop, like mobile and web wallets, tools for bakers, integration libraries to add Tezos to other computer programming languages, Tezos related content translations and the creation of courses on SmartPy and Michelson programming languages.

We have state of the art servers:

Intel Core i7 7700 CPU
01 TB SSD M.2
03 Internet connection failover (Fiber, Cable and 4G)
Ledger Nano S Hardware wallet
Hardware and software firewalls
UPS No-Break

Delegate your XTZ to us

Our Baking service to participate in Tezos blockchain is charged with a 10% fee over the rewards earned. Contact us before delegating your stake to our address.


A software library that allows any Java programmer to easily build his own Tezos Wallet.